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New Patients


You're in great hands

You will find our office relaxed, and waiting time is limited as each patient appointment is scheduled appropriately.

Upon your arrival, a detailed medical and dental history will be taken. I will sit with you and review any dental concerns you may have.

I will perform/offer:

  • a full dental hygiene exam,discuss findings with you
  • oral cancer screenings for each patient
  • set up a treatment schedule
  • a detailed thorough cleaning of your teeth
  • Oral hygiene education
  • Antibacterial treatments when  warranted
  • teeth whitening
  •  desensitizing treatments for sensitive teeth
  • Preventive treatments such has sealants to help prevent cavities
  • sports guards/mouth guards




Our Prices are based on ODHA fee guide.



We accept dental insurance and our prices are reasonable for non-insured patients.


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